Connected and Integrated.

Easy to use, Able to Import and Export Data, Secure and Reliable.


Integration from Web Booking Engine, Front Office, Channel Manager, Income Audit, Purchasing, Receiving, Point of Sales, Store, Recipe, Banquet, Cost Control, Cash & Bank, Fixed Asset, Financial Report and various modules and other interfaces. Decisions with accurate and fast data will increase the competitiveness of hotels and sales it self.

Front Office

Easy to use, can work Online/Offline.

Manage everything from your front desk to financial reports with one easy platform. Maintenance Request, Housekeeping Assignment, Housekeeping Worksheet, Loss & Found, Borrow Item, Deposit, Walk In, Complain, Guest Comment, Contingency Report, Dashboard, Reservation Analysis etc. Can connect with OTA, Channel Manager and other device supporting. All your needs we can custom the apps to fulfill whats you need.

Back Office

Real time data update, online report availability, sales report upto date and purchasing multi approvals.

This module feature complete with more than just an accounting system. CRM Module is important for better treatment of your guests, who is walk in and repeater with different benefits. Asset management with QR Code management, depreciation Flat/Double Declining, integrated with G/L, Purchasing. AP connected with Vendor Billing, Receiving Product Service/Storable that connected with Inventory Module. AR connected with SO and POS system. Aging (back-dated enabled), Mutation (back-dated enabled), Reports. Budget Management with easy setup and powerfull control. And report management integrated with all modules that support Import/Export data with excell. Maintenance Eng Department, Contact Module, Employee, Event System with Barcode, HR System, Expense reimburse, Helpdesk, Manufacture etc.

Inventory & Logistic

Integrated Information System Solution

Create multi type product as storable/consumable/services product that relate to Chart of Account Journal setup. Support Multi Warehouse and Multi Location setup. Multi Restaurant POS System, so you can specify all setup easy connected with Folio Guest on Front Office and Report to Accounting module. Purchase request multi approval to handle your management needs, Receiving, Return, Transfer product with easy way and also adjust stock on hand on dinamis period. F&B Sales, F&B Daily Flash Report, F&B Reconciliation and COGS vs Revenue connected in one system.

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