Building a strong Cloud system, Connected and Integrated.

Easy to use, Able to Import and Export Data, Secure and Reliable.


Custom needs is our priority to figure it out. We work as a partner to combine POS, eCommerce with Accounting Software as one system Digitalize that integrated and conntected. You can choose, additional system like Purchase with Approvals system, Sales Orders and Inventory Multi Warehouse System that can help your company growth fast.

POS System

Easy to use, can work Online/Offline.

We have Completed Feature like : Customizable table layout according to the actual layout with color status to indicate available table, seated, ordered, and billed. All discounts are configurable, you can setup by percentage or amount, allow subtotal discount, certain department, or even a particular item. You can reward your customer by point each time they made a transaction, and the collected point can be redeemed later on. eWallet System that connected with eCommerce website can help you handle Membership needs with centralize payment. Multi Warehouse system that can help you to setup every POS direct to Stock Management Inventory that relate with Purchase system. Realtime Centralize Data Cloud that you can monitoring your sales live. Unlimited POS created with Multi Order Taker Tablet support to make easy flow order.

eCommerce Website Sales

You can create your web company that can sale your Product

This eCommerce system connected with POS system, so you can handle all Product sale on POS and Website eCommerse directly. Easy to setup or re Design the website. Just click, drag and drop. Any customize we can handle it. Connected with Midtrans payment gateway, Onsite payment and eWallet system that link to POS sale system also.

Enterprice Resource Planning System - ERP System

Integrated Information System Solution

Start with Chart of Account Accounting needs, we can help to mapping your needs, create Data Master import and export to make it simple and fast. If back end Accounting is better setup, then we can drive your goals on to frontline system. Make it sinergy.

Why choose us as your partner ?

We offers the best price and packages
and lot of free tools including.

Cost & time effective

You can pay base on your needs. Custom price and full support setup.

Secure and Reliable

All system have a backup system automaticaly and can work Online or Offline perfectly.

Upto date & Complete Features

You can use all feature in one package price, also have free update feature in the future.

Connected to the world

Global distribution client and partnership brands