Hospitality Partnership

We do some Innovative solutions to increase your profit income. Have a privilege to start up in various hospitality companies such as Hotels, Restaurant, Villa and Coworking Space, we confidence to hand in hand with you to build a strong IT and E-Commerce in your company and absolutely, strives for optimum profit to the owner.

Our Services Digital Solution

Make your work more effectively and drive real results

from online marketing to increase revenue and market share.

Custom Web Design

We produce an idea based on your needs and implement all of your goals into an accessible web mobile optimize and secure system.

PMS - Hotel Software

We have more than 80 modules that are interconnected and integrated. Starting from Front Office, Logistic/Inventory to Back Office.

POS, eCommerce & ERP

We do centralize your system on Cloud that connected and integrated to bring your work flow running smoothly form Frontline to Back Office.

Digital Marketing Hacking

As a google partner we will help you to growth hacking your business quickly and improve your branding awareness base on your goals.

Network Management

Best maintenance hospitality services start with Internet Service Provider, Server Management, CCTV and Wifi - On Cloud system.

Mobile Apps & Development

We build the bridge to the physical world and bring the easiest portal into your digital self. The future of the digital world is in your hands!.

Online Revenue Booster

We bring the guests for you. From Web Design, Digital Marketing, Direct Booking, OTA Management and Mobile App. CALL Us for more detail !

Booking Engine Optimize.

Bring new system to refine your necessary.

We offers a relationship to improving revenue of accommodation and experience by the effectiveness of the web mobile friendly design. To make all system running well, Connected and be synergy, we constantly improving our skills to fulfill projects of any level and demand.


Get more benefit for Booking Engine Hotels like; Comparisson Price System, Loyalty point system, Secure Payment Gateway System, Accommodation & Activity Packages, Mobile Apps Company Profile Optimize and Hospitality Maintenance.

Get our package discount ;

Web Custom that already setup Direct Booking, Channel Manager and Mobile Application.

Loyalty Point System
We create a Point system of our global web and service in My List Trip, that connected with booking direct without any additional cost.
Comparisson Price
Show your visitor that your direct booking is guarantee best price offers and become your loyalty guest with comparisson price system.
Secure Payment Gateway
Our system integrated with Midtrans as our best partner payment gateway system. Also we offer Pay Onsite that make your booking more easy for the visitor.
Room and Activity Packages
You can setup and sale your room and also activity/experience packages in one direct booking system in your website with your domain website.

Our Partner Talk

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