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Internet Wifi, IP Camera CCTV, IP TV, IP PABX, Server, Cloud Data


We Analyze the area of your property, create the topology, propose the tools, do the installation. For example we supply three internet connection for your need with load balancing and fail over system, install windows server supply with rack server and ups, connect to Mikrotik Router that can communicate with each other, spread the internet connection with manage switch and through the WiFi system hotspot/wpa portal and LAN connection with security server firewall active in every client. We can create Cloud Data Server expecially for backup your Data on Cloud that can be access everywhere. Last but not lease, IP Camera CCTV, IP TV Hospitality, and IP PABX is the future for hardware supply that we support for maintenance with onsite staff and remotely worker.

More effective and efficient in cost and infrastructure

IP PABX and Phone system

IP PABX has advanced technology and includes sophisticated features as well to provide effective and efficient communication needs. All conversations that occur will be sent as data packets over the IP network. IP PABX has a flexible capacity that can be tailored to the needs of the user. The capacity of this PABX is 8 CO line and 24 extension up to 640 CO Line can even more. IP PABX IP has been implanted so that the ability to connect with VoIP can even be used as a medium of Internal Network Communication.

Easy to use and full monitoring controlled direct on phone

CCTV Digital Networking

CCTV installation services is our basis networking management services. We don’t just installed and leave it. We maintenance and make sure every system running well, without any issue in monitoring system in order to help your business secure and can be monitored 24 hours / 7. One thing for sure our device ready for any budget and needs. Online server that can support your security just by controlled in your phone. We build, we create and we serve the best for you. Reliable solutions with expert support.

Hospitality Network Solution

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Three Line Dedicated Internet Connection with Fiber Optic installation.

Router Management – Mikrotik Router / Cisco.

WiFi Management with Access Point Unify / Ruckus / Aruba system.

Bandwidth spread Switch Manage.

Bandwidth Management WiFi with Captive portal Social Media Login.

LAN, WAN Installation.

IP Printer Networking.

PC Client / controller monitoring.

Server Management and Installation.

Cloud Data System.

Web Server – Hosting Installation.

Coworking Space Management.



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