Convert website visitor into direct bookers

Treat repeat customers the way they deserve & expect


For our repeat customers, the booking engine gives them preferences base on their booking, recognizes them and instantly rewards them with Discount (Point System) or attractive rates packages. Booking engine for a hotel is more than just offers a room packages but also can offers their experience/activity packages.

Make them remember you

Loyalty Point Program

There are TWO WAYS for your repeat customers to get a discounts. They can use a promotion system from Property Admin or using POINTS system that they get from the first time they booked. With this system you can offer more ATTRACTIVE PRICE & PLAN for your loyal guests for sure.

OTA's VS Direct Booking

Comparison Price System Automation

It shows the comparison price between our Price and OTAs. As we know, OTA charge more than 15% per book and it makes us possible to offer a COMPETITIVE & CHEAPER PRICE to the customer. By doing a proper rate plan, we can surely get significant numbers of DIRECT BOOKING from the customer compares to OTAs. With our partner tripadvisor connection and integration (include comment and FAQ)

Add - Submit - Paid

3 Easy Steps for booking

We create a user friendly system to encourage customer to do a direct booking easily with just 3 click ways. ADD Room – SUBMIT Payment – PAID. Sell ADD-ONS with a clear and simple menu, without distracting customers from making a booking (e.g., pick up Airport, breakfast, extra bed, etc) Bring new path for hotel to sell an ACTIVITY PACKAGES to the customer. Book Multiple Room - Add Multiple Add-Ons - Show Price in Multiple Currencies - ALL AT ONCE.

A user friendly and clean overview

Rates & Design

We design a SIMPLE OVERVIEW, yet COMPERHENSIVE, INFORMATIVE & ATTRACTIVE which the customer can instantly do the booking. It can MODIFY one room with more than one variety price and plan. Doing payment by smart phone will be very EASY & RESPONSIVE FAST & SECURE for any system operation and browser platform. With easy iFrame integration, your booking engine can install under your domain web in one page.

Credit Card, Bank Transfer, eWallet, Outlet, Pay at Hotel

Varieties Types of Payment Gateways

Through integration with different payment gateways, we can offer customers a WIDE RANGE of international and local payment options. SECURE PAYMENT with API credential and advanced encryption system. Midtrans is our main partner for an important platform integrated with almost all major banks in Indonesia.

Manage more than one property in one dashboard

Corporate Hotels

For hotel groups the booking engine can show all available hotels with MAPS, helping to cross-sell and provide an alternative choice when a hotel is not available.

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Direct Booking Optimization

For web design and booking engine services we offers free maintenance so you can focus on primary things.

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Our primary focus start in Bali. So don't worry we can talk and make a strategy hand in hand.

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